Tronovus brand launch

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Tronovus, a locally-owned, leading industrial commercial contractor providing HVAC installation, maintenance, and automation services to the Elkford Valley, is introducing a new division within their company.

Tronovus will provide air filtration, residential duct cleaning, furnace repair, home automation services and more to Tronovus’ growing residential customer base. Focusing on creating and maintaining healthy living environments, Tronovus aims to enhance their customers’ overall health and well-being by improving crucial elements of the home, from air quality to security and safety.

“Many of us don’t consider our living environment as part of our overall health and wellness plan,” notes Adrian Pylat, President of Tronovus, “But our living environment can have a huge impact on our long-term health, productivity, and the way we feel day-to-day.”

It can also have an impact on our pocketbooks. Old technology, dirty ducts, and an unsafe home can have a negative financial impact on homeowners. Tronovus will work with proactive and forward-thinking homeowners to not only make homes healthier and safer, but also less expensive.

Tronovus is the natural outgrowth of the industrial focused Tronovus HVAC and has been in the works since early 2013. Recognizing consumer demand for a cleaner, more cost-efficient home, Pylat and his team rallied around the vision of the home as a dynamic system that’s continually evolving and should also be continually improving the lives of its owners.

Dedicated to quality, professionalism, and a consistent experience, all Tronovus technicians are Quadca [link] certified and constantly upgrading their skill sets. In the same vein, the Tronovus dedication to customer service is unparalleled – “Our technicians will likely leave your home cleaner than when they arrived!” jokes Pylat. As always, Tronovus customer support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Restoring a home to a healthier state takes time and requires the participation of many different professionals working together. Tronovus will continue to coordinate with partners and the community to create and maintain healthy living environments.

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