Launch of Pet Aid+ Program

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This is Russel…

The story starts here…

In 2019, Tronovus ran a short program and raised $1956 to donate to local BC & Alberta Veterinary clinics. To help people, with animals in need.

Meet Russel & his owner Dan.
Just before Christmas, Russel had a life-threating tumor on the back of his leg. The surgery was costly and there was no time to spare. Our donation came just in time. Tanglefoot Fernie contacted Dan and offered help. Since Russel’s surgery, his quality of life has immensely increased.
Thanks again for doing a great job Tanglefoot Fernie!

Our whole team is excited to be a part of this program. Tony & Chris were the lucky ones to follow up with Dan, to see how Russel was doing during recovery. Russel is one happy and energetic puppy!

Tronovus Pet Aid+ ElkValley & CNP
Helping save one life Isn’t enough for us. We want to make this a permanent program in the Communities we serve. Dan was so grateful for the help, that wants to give back and help someone else in need. We invite everyone who would like to participate to call us!

Look out for our new brochure with program details, the next time we’re in your home!

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