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Here in the Elk Valley we’ve found many people suffering from poor indoor air quality.

This can have profound consequences for your health.
A home that is lacking in air quality can lead to the following effects:

* Health and respiratory problems for residents
* Deterioration of furniture and floors
* Overall lack of comfort for the homeowners

What’s needed in order to ensure a healthier atmosphere in a house is proper humidity, ventilation and temperature control. If you’re not sure how to achieve these things, an expert from Tronovus can definitely help!

Effects you may be experiencing:
-condensation on windows or black spots (geez I’m wiping down my windows every day!)
-stuffy nose while indoors (am I really sick again!?)
-constant sneezing & scratchy eyes (pass the tissue please)
-mild to strong head aches (hand over the aspirin)
-odd odours (honey did you take the garbage out?)
-feeling groggy when waking up in the morning (oh no not another day!)
We have proven guaranteed processes to solve indoor air quality issues that can’t be solved by conventional means.

Call us at 250-433-7878 to discuss your unique situation.

Let us help you create a Healthy Living Environment today!

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