How Often Should You Check Your Furnace?

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Did you know that most furnace breakdowns can be avoided by regular furnace maintenance services? Having your furnace breakdown in the middle of winter means that the holidays go from cozy to cold. So how often should you check your furnace to make sure that your family is warm and comfortable all winter long? The experts that manufacture furnaces recommend that you get a full inspection of the condition of your furnace once a year. Once a year! That’s easy to do.

Beyond an annual checkup, a furnace should be regularly maintained if it is in constant use. It’s a good idea to check your furnace filter once a month and change it once every 3 months.

What Is Involved In Furnace Maintenance?
When you do call a furnace specialist for a checkup/tuneup, they will complete a series of maintenance steps.

1. Check optional thermostat
Many homeowners choose to install a programmable thermostat on their HVAC system. Programmable thermostats heat and cool your space at the most suitable times during the day to ensure efficient use of energy. This not only keeps energy costs down, but also keeps your home or office at a comfortable temperature without you having to moderate the temperature yourself. An HVAC professional will make sure that your furnace heats up properly, as programmed by the thermostat. If you don’t have a thermostat involved, you can also ask the specialist about installing one.

2. Check wiring and voltage
Over time, wiring can become loose and even break. These electrical issues can be a safety issue as well as increase the chance of a furnace failure. Your HVAC expert will check that all the wiring in your heating system are connected properly.

3. Lubricate
Your furnace probably has components that move. These moving parts need to be lubricated regularly so that they can operate smoothly. The less friction, the better. Friction causes parts to wear out. The furnace specialist will lubricate the moving parts in your furnace as needed during your yearly checkup.

4. Prevent or fix water damage
Heating systems have condensation drains. Theses drains can get blocked and cause water damage, excessive humidity, and even the growth of mold or bacteria. Your furnace expert will check the drain.

5. Filter change
Filter changes are supposed to be done every 3 months, but if you haven’t done so, your furnace expert will change it for you. They can also show you how it’s done.

Why Should You Get Your Furnace Checked?
We’ve already mentioned that regular checkups can prevent unexpected furnace breakdowns and keep your furnace running beautifully. When your furnace runs properly, it uses less energy, and every homeowner knows what a difference efficient appliances can make to energy bills. Another important reason to get your furnace checked up is that a poorly maintained furnace can be a health hazard. Even if it’s still heating up your home, your furnace could have a carbon monoxide leak, which would be difficult to notice, because carbon monoxide is both colorless and odorless. Do you often get headaches, dizziness or nausea? These are all symptoms of a potential carbon monoxide leak.

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