Healthy Living Environments

Healthy Living is in Reach of Everyone

Safety, health, & tech experts are working together like never before

Many of us don’t consider our living environment as part of our overall health and wellness plan, but our living environment can have a huge impact on our long-term health and the way we feel in our day-to-day lives.

For quite some time, many of us have had an individualistic approach to health. We’ve focused on what we put into our bodies, how much we’re exercising, or how much water we’re drinking. Although these pieces are important, we haven’t been considering our health from a broad enough perspective. Creating a healthier you, and if you’re a parent, a healthier family, requires truly viewing your health from a holistic mindset. And one part of this equation is considering how your home environment impacts your health.


Partly because of technology and partly because of advances in health science, we’re starting to view the home as an extension of ourselves. We’re starting to view the home as a dynamic, inclusive system that impacts our health and overall well-being. There’s evidence of this around the world in law reform, sales data, and proactive moments by non-profit organizations. This evidence suggests we’re taking action on a personal level when it comes to improving our homes; that is, making them cleaner, safer, and more green. We’re optimizing and creating living environments that are balanced, comfortable, and healthier. When we don’t feel safe, when we’re not comfortable, or when an outside contaminant is making us sick in our own homes, we’re not the best versions of ourselves.

Many of us don’t realize the impact a healthy home can have on our well-being. That’s largely because the effects of an unhealthy living environment appear gradually. However, as attitudes change it’s likely the relationship between the home and its effect on overall health will be under greater scrutiny. Luckily, with advances in healthcare and technology, reaping the benefits of a healthy living environment are in hands reach of nearly everyone.

Restoring a home to a more healthy state takes time and requires the participation of many different professionals working together. This means safety, health, and technology experts must continue to come together to create these environments that improve comfort, well being, and productivity. The potential benefits are tremendous and will be evident in both improved quality of life and long-term health.

For Better or worse, your home impacts your health.