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​The East Kootenays HVAC Peace of Mind Solution

(3-minute read about our brand transition)

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

The Happy Hive Family is no stranger to the sentiment behind those words. So here’s a little story about where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Because we want to be more than just another name in the yellow pages; we want you to get to know who we are.

Yes, as a brand and company.

But also as people in your community working towards common goals.

The Elk Valley – Where It Started

The story begins over a decade ago in the hard-working town of Sparwood, BC, with an HVAC service company called Tronovus.

Mining has been the lifeblood of the Elk Valley for generations. So it was almost natural that as Tronovus grew, it became an ever more specialized heating, refrigeration and gas-fitting company serving the mining industry. The work was challenging but satisfying, at least from a technical point of view.

As the years passed, however, a need became evident. A combination of weather extremes, ageing homes and a real lack of residential HVAC service experts in the area were leaving many families “out in the cold.”

See A Need, Fill A Need – The Transition to Residential Service

As problem solvers, the Tronovus team knew the residential HVAC service situation in the Elk Valley could be improved. So, for the sake of the hardworking people in their community, they stepped in and adopted these clients. Looking back, what a good choice that was!

Yes, their technicians were busier than ever. But the work was satisfying on a level the team hadn’t known while working for big business. At the root of that joy? Solving problems for families like theirs.

Many would argue that this type of organic growth is best. And while that may be true, it was clear that the Tronovus team was at a crossroads.

The evolution from industrial to residential HVAC service had more or less occurred. But a name tied to the mining days was causing some ambiguity. Would they service mining equipment at the cost of time for their residential clients? Who were they, and where did they shine? The message was getting muddied.

The Hive is Formed – Enter the decision to rebrand.

Some have asked, why bother? The truth is, we’ve never been ones for doing things halfway. Not when working on your home’s mechanical systems, nor in our pursuit of top-notch service. So, when it came to our messaging, we knew it had to be clear.

A rebrand provided the best platform to accomplish that goal. We would marry priceless experience gained from Tronovus days to a new on-message image. And choose a new centralized hub from which to provide our services. So that when you need a home comfort expert, you know who to call. Plain and simple.

And so, after months of behind-the-scenes planning and the expansion to Cranbrook complete, Happy Hive is here! A premier heating, hot water, cooling and air quality mechanical company providing buzz-worthy service across the East Kootenays.

What Makes Our Hive So Happy?

Customer Satisfaction and Comfort – Our North Star

Over the years, the success stories we have looked up to all seemed to have a common thread. Their chosen values provided the guidance required to stay on track, no matter the decision or obstacle.

This transition period has been a golden opportunity for us to do the same. To refine our core values and build them right into the framework of Happy Hive. Living and working by them every day brings the team together and sets the tone for customer relationships going forward.

When you call us, you can trust that we will always:

1. Do the right thing.

Best practice is not an option. Our technicians apply the highest industry standards to the work they do in your home.

2. Take a holistic approach.

What does that mean? Finding the underlying cause of a mechanical issue and addressing it – no Band-aid fixes. We look at your home’s mechanical systems as parts of a whole. Parts that must work in harmony for your home to be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

3. Put you first.

Your trust is not something we take lightly. Know that we pride ourselves on acting with integrity and transparency. Along with open communication, they are essentials woven into the fabric of what we do.

What’s Next?
Have you seen our vans around town?

From Elkford, Sparwood and Fernie in the Elk Valley to Crowsnest Pass, Kimberley, Cranbrook and Moyie to Elko, Grasmere, Jaffray, Wardner and Baynes Lake in South Country, we have local technicians ready to serve you.

Whether it’s furnace maintenance or duct cleaning that’s been on your mind or anything else HVAC, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or drop us a line today!

Thanks for reading – Let’s stay connected!

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